Communication is the next medical intervention. CareChats will make it happen.

Discover a better way to engage with patients for healthier outcomes.

Step-by-step coaching. Between visits.

It’s a challenge to improve your patients’ health when you see them for roughly one hour per year. Patients make choices every day that affect their health. What to eat. Whether to smoke. Taking their meds. To change behavior, healthcare providers need to communicate with their patients more often - but this can be difficult. That’s where Healthgrades CareChats come in.

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Chat. Reach. Engage.

Healthgrades CareChats employs automated, quick conversations with a chatbot to create continuous dialogue—without taxing the healthcare team. The chatbot enables real behavior change through ongoing interaction, real influence and growing trust.

Using Healthgrades CareChats

Healthgrades CareChats ask questions and patients give answers. As data flows in and builds robust master profiles, the dashboard makes it easy to see, filter, and export this patient-generated data.

  • Choose who you want to communicate with and define a goal
  • Healthgrades will set up your program so you can start inviting or enrolling patients
  • Patients engage, stay engaged, and take actions
  • Reach 51% more of your target audience than search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Engage target audience to take actions 13x more often than SEM
  • Effectively reach your target audience 41x to 730x (Yes, 730x!) more throughout the year

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