Identify and engage with the consumers you want with expert healthcare CRM and marketing automation solutions

Make your marketing dollars work more efficiently with our CRM system built exclusively for healthcare

Advanced predictive health risk and assessment models for accurate targeting

The largest patient and population data sets

Expert insights from the largest consumer site for selecting a doctor

Targeting, planning, and strategy based on
billions of insights

Physician insights

Consumer insights

Health system insights

The power Healthgrades brings to identifying and communicating with individuals is unmatched by any other solution.

We use our comprehensive CRM database and predictive modeling capabilities to guide campaign development, refine results, and continually drive performance to new heights.

In addition, the solution is integrated with a nationally recognized healthcare quality performance reporting and analytics engine that enables your hospital to identify and engage at-risk populations. Your hospital achieves key population health objectives, including driving preventive care, engaging patients proactively and managing costs to counterbalance new reimbursement levels.

Healthgrades evidence-based predictive models, which fuel all of our databases, outperform all others because they are highly targeted compared to traditional cluster codes. Our models are continually adapting with new data to help our clients identify the right patient at the right time to engage them with the right message using the right medium. Our predictive models include our Consumer Model that analyzes more than 70 different variables and our Patient Model that analyzes more than 300 variables to make data-driven predictions.

These insights power your communication strategies to optimize spending and maximize the ROI of every campaign. Whether it’s direct mail, social media, print, or email, Healthgrades will help you personalize the conversation and boost patient engagement.

Marketing Automation

Now more than ever, health systems need to make digital, web, and social media marketing simple and measurable. With Healthgrades Marketing Automation, you can post to multiple channels simultaneously, cross-promote your hospital’s content, and track your ROI.

Want to know more? View our online Marketing Automation demo to see how to:

  • Increase the performance of digital, web, and social media marketing
  • Identify and target key market populations
  • Build campaigns from end to end
  • Measure a campaign’s impact on appointments, admissions, and contribution margin
  • See the value of moving people in and out of campaigns over time to extend engagement
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