Connect with consumers wherever—and whenever—they are looking for health information

You need to connect with consumers in all the moments along their personal healthcare journey.

We can help you do this and focus your marketing resources:

  • On areas of greatest opportunity
  • In a media-mix of maximum efficiency and reach
  • With accountability for measureable results

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Omni-channel Solutions and Strategy

With over 15 years of experience and technological innovation, we have the people, insights, solutions, and services to create the right custom solutions for your needs.

  • Marketing Automation
  • Retargeting
  • Digital Services
  • Campaign Planning and Management
  • Business Opportunity Analysis
  • Media Planning and Strategy
  • Campaign Analytics and Analysis
  • Transparent and Accurate Continual Measurement

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CRM, marketing automation, and retargeting

Create sophisticated campaigns that target consumers with the right messaging at the right moment wherever they are. We help you bring them to your web properties and optimize conversion.

  • Marketing automation to create and maintain ongoing relationships with known consumers and patients
  • Retargeting after visits to your site and
  • Video pre-roll ads to create higher engagement and conversion
  • Landing page designed to maximize conversion

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Digital services

Leverage our extraordinary knowledge of consumer behavior and award-winning digital creative team to help consumers find, select, and book with your doctors at your web properties.

Our full-service digital team can create seamless, cross-media campaigns to connect consumers and your brand, increase traffic, optimize conversion, and create new, loyal patients.

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Site design
  • Healthgrades API
  • Website building and hosting

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Omni-channel planning

Connecting the dots starts with our team of planning experts. We’re with you every step of the way.

Our planners leverage state-of-the-art data analytics to identify and size your business opportunities.

  • Who are your most valuable potential patients?
  • Where are the best places to reach them?
  • What messages will resonate?

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Channel-agnostic media planning

Drive optimal efficiency and reach of every communication.

Our planning team can craft the right plan for your exact needs.

  • Expertly targeted
  • Optimized for reach and efficiency
  • Video pre-roll ads to create higher engagement and conversion
  • Continual testing and learning

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Omni-channel strategy

Identify those consumers most likely in need of the services you want to grow. Our strategic team leverages unique, market-proven predictive modeling and marketplace data.

  • Unique socioeconomic data, psychographics, and media preferences
  • Medium most likely to reach each consumer
  • Message most likely to engage
  • Targeting across all media

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Comprehensive omni-channel measurement

You deserve true transparency and accountability.

  • Channel attribution
  • Channel efficiency
  • True contribution margin and ROI

Our insight-driven planning and measurement team continually monitors your omni-channel media plan for reach and efficiency.

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More experience, bigger reach, the right people

With more market data and a greater digital healthcare communication history than anyone else, we have the data — and insights — to be your partner to create the results you want to deliver.

Since 1998, with over 800 employees, a team of dedicated data scientists, and offices in four cities, we continue to be the market innovator in connecting the right consumer to the right doctor and the right hospital.

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Healthgrades omni-channel planning and media services

We precisely plan, target, reach, and measure an effective mix of communications to drive greater returns.

Maximizing lifetime value by driving patient acquisition, retention, and stronger care relationships.

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Let us provide the pieces to craft a consumer
acquisition solution that is right for you

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