We provide brand consulting and brand identity design to the service, healthcare and retail industries.

We develop holistic brand experiences that help propel business forward. And we do it by working with our clients in a highly collaborative way that embraces experimentation, curiosity and big thinking. We guide businesses through both the strategic and tactical aspects of rebranding:

Brand Strategy

  • Uncovering brand insight through brand workshops.
  • Defining the firm’s brand promise and brand personality.
  • Developing the business’s internal and external messaging, and associate talking points.

Brand Identity

  • Redesigning the business’ corporate logo and business papers.
  • Extending the brand identity and internal messaging to environments and internal communications.
  • Extending the brand identity to the corporate website and external communications.

Brand Workshop

There are many different ways to uncover brand insight—but we think none is as fast, efficient and collaborative as the Healthgrades Workshop methodology. Healthgrades' workshops are based on scientific principles, and they are designed to arrive at tangible and practical solutions that can help companies transform their brands from the inside out.

Why Branding?

Our branding program is a great place to start if you can benefit from any of the following:

  • A reinvention or adjustment of your visual identity and language
  • Clarification of your business values and fresh thinking about your market position
  • Interviews with key organization members and current and former customers to gain insight on business challenges – and see the bigger picture
  • An outside perspective, free from your organization’s internal biases
  • Advice on your customer-facing language and materials compared to trends and terms that truly resonate
  • A roadmap for where your brand should go – and how to get it there
  • Design and language examples for effectively communicating with your audience
  • A united and aligned internal culture

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