We design conversion-based websites for the healthcare industry

The websites we design and develop function as part of an integrated system to attract high-value clients. With valuable content, we nurture them over time and qualify them through conversion and measurable results.

Strategically designed websites give marketers insight into the success of their various marketing efforts and business development insight into the interests of their prospects. They seamlessly integrate content management systems (“CMS”), customer relationship management (“CRM”) and marketing automation.

Custom Web Design

At Healthgrades, we recognize that attractive web design is important (take a look at our work portfolio if you don’t believe us)—but we also realize that if you’re not attracting the right customers, your website is not much use to anyone. That’s why our custom web designers focus on creating beautiful, targeted, conversion-based websites that give you the leads you want and need—and reflect your business’ well-earned reputation for excellence.

Responsive Design

With 1 in 5 Internet users browsing from a mobile device, it’s vital that your website is mobile-friendly. Although Healthgrades offers mobile web design services, we recommend responsive web design for several reasons. Responsive websites are designed to adjust to the size of the device being used, converting your site’s elements from desktop to tablet to mobile without compromising design integrity or losing valuable content.

Mobile Web Design

Although many of our web clients are moving away from mobile-only design to responsive design, mobile websites can be a great way to house the most important content on your site for mobile users. Mobile websites contain easy-to-read text and a simple UX to make on-the-go browsing quick and effortless.

Web Development

Healthgrades' web design and our web development process go hand in hand. Custom development ensures there are no limitations when it comes to the design and layout of your website. By utilizing clean, compliant code, and one of two of the most robust content management systems available (WordPress or Drupal), Healthgrades' custom web developers create a website that is functional, scalable, easy to maintain, cross-browser compatible, and search-engine friendly.

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