Engagement and Retention Solutions

Does your health system’s growth strategy include healthgrades.com? It should.

With features that grab attention from your competitors, systems for online appointment booking, and tools to nurture care relationships over time, you can connect with highly engaged healthcare consumers and grow your patient base with Healthgrades Premium.

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Create a connected user experience

Healthgrades helps you connect with consumers wherever they are looking for health information,
so you can influence their decisions throughout the healthcare journey.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Consumers expect more than research and reviews. They’re hoping to schedule an appointment with the right provider today.

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Focus on the physicians that matter

Physician Relationship Management solutions leverage insights from Healthgrades
market intelligence—combined with claims and hospital data—to improve physician alignment

Quality drives success and lowers costs

Promote the service lines where your health system excels and identify areas where it may need improvement.

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