Book appointments instantly — anywhere your doctors are found online

Millions of consumers expect to schedule their doctor’s appointments on the web. Healthgrades Consumer Scheduling gives them what they want – on our site, on yours, and everywhere else.

Unmatched reach – 6.9 billion online searches for doctors show Healthgrades in the top results1 – a number almost 60 times larger than all of our online scheduling competitors’ results combined. Harness the power of that audience by letting consumers book appointments instantly.

Higher reimbursements – The Healthgrades audience includes 150% more commercially insured patients than the national average.2

More convenience – Nearly 40% of appointments are booked outside standard office hours.3 Online scheduling gives consumers the 24/7 access that fits today’s lifestyle.

Greater efficiency – Every self-scheduled online appointment saves 8.1 minutes of staff resources.4

Fewer no-shows – Email and text reminders reduce no-shows by as much as 25%.5

Improved engagement and retention – The Healthgrades scheduling solution makes it simple to stay in touch with patients after they leave the office – to help monitor their health, improve outcomes, and keep them coming back.

Referral management – Our “solve once, activate anywhere” solution means you also get a unified referral management platform that saves time, money, and stress – and helps reduce leakage.

81% of consumers would like to book appointments online.6
Give them what they want – stay relevant with Consumer Scheduling from Healthgrades.

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