Investing in clinical quality improvement is no longer optional. It is critical to the survival of your hospital

Quality Analysis and Reporting

Quality drives success. We stand for quality.

As the healthcare industry moves toward a value-based care model, hospitals and health systems will be rewarded or penalized based on their clinical outcomes.

Healthgrades Quality Analysis and Reporting helps you measure your performance against benchmarks. Our team of experts will help you identify areas in which your hospital may need improvement while giving positive reinforcement for the areas in which your hospital excels. Healthgrades will help you bring an analytical and objective voice to your quality discussions. We help foster discussions around statistical trends relating to clinical outcomes.

ICD-10 Transition

Visit our ICD-10 transition page for FAQs, an interactive handbook, and answers to questions about our timeline and approach to implementing the ICD-10 coding changes in relation to our quality ratings, awards, and analysis.

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Clinical Consulting & Implementation

Healthgrades Clinical Consulting and Implementation services help hospitals and health systems achieve better outcomes through clinical quality consultation and evidence-based implementation. Our primary service line specialties include cardiac, orthopedics, critical care, pulmonary, obstetrics and gynecology, and stroke. Our physician-led team works with your hospital to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

How to Reach Them

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Promotion of achievements

Consumers are increasingly aware of disparities in care and have come to rely on objective, comprehensive information when selecting a doctor or hospital.

Healthgrades quality achievements emphasize the quality your staff has already worked hard to achieve and positions your facility as a leader in delivering exceptional care.

Only Healthgrades:

  • Uses transparent data, backed with scientific rigor, clinical evidence, and clinical practice for hospital ratings
  • Provides turnkey promotion capabilities and analysis data
  • Believes all patients, physicians and employees have the right to see proof of quality performance and understand how it’s determined
  • Offers hospitals an ongoing process to identify and correct areas needing improvement—and maintain focus on quality

Read our Healthgrades Quality Achievement Advertising Guidelines for information on using the Healthgrades logo, and any reference to Healthgrades Quality Achievements and/or data, in any advertisement or promotion.

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