One real-time platform for all your referral needs

Prevent leakage. Reduce readmissions and no-shows. Save time and energy. With Referral Management from Healthgrades, you’ll coordinate all of your scheduling systems under a single, unified solution.

Seamless integration – Our solution intelligently pulls all of your providers’ scheduling information from Epic and other EMR systems, giving you access to your entire inventory in one place.

Instant referrals at the point of care – With real-time access to other providers’ schedules, your physicians can book the critical next appointment while the patient is still in the office, reducing leakage.

Provider-patient match – Comprehensive data from the largest physician search site helps you refer patients to the doctors best suited to their needs.

Improved efficiency – Booking referrals through a unified solution saves time for both providers’ staffs.

Predictive analytics – Real-time access to robust analytics that track and measure appointments, referrals, and attendance, allowing clients to change behavior based on results.

Reduced readmissions – “Always on” technology helps you stay on top of post-discharge care and better manage patient recovery.

Fewer no-shows – Email and text reminders reduce no-shows by as much as 25%.1

Higher revenues – Every 1% of “keepage” is equivalent to $100 million in additional revenue.2

Consumer online scheduling – Our “solve once, activate anywhere” solution means you also get painless consumer self-scheduling through your website, on, and anywhere else you need it.

Fewer than half of all referrals ever reach the referred-to clinic.3 Stop leaking patients – get Referral Management from Healthgrades.

1 Healthgrades analytics, December 2016
2 Mission Point Health System
3 Jonathan Govette, MedCity News, 2014

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