With leakage rates of up to 30%, many hospitals and health systems are losing patients and valuable revenue.

Enable better care with step-by-step coaching

People see their doctors an average of two to three times per year. That’s maybe an hour of face time, which isn’t enough to build a relationship, discuss all issues, and educate. Healthgrades CareChats enables ongoing conversations with your patients to ensure better care and retention.

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Anticipate care needs to create a connected patient experience

Patients want to know that you know them. They expect marketing messages that are customized to their specific needs. With our predictive modeling CRM, we help you connect with patients where they are on their healthcare journey. We provide you with tools to tailor messaging, ensuring retention when they need you again.

Reduce leakage with scheduling solutions that solve access challenges

Patients expect convenience and access when they are booking an appointment–and physician offices do too. We help you seamlessly provide more access points for your patients and physician offices to book appointments with your physicians. Eliminating obstacles for patients to stay within your system is key to keeping them.

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Does your health system’s keepage strategy include healthgrades.com? It should.

Patients aren’t naturally loyal. They tend to begin new searches for physicians when new health needs arise. With features that grab attention from your competitors, systems for online appointment booking, and tools to nurture care relationships over time, ensure that you’ll reconnect with your patients with Healthgrades Premium – Patient Direct Connect.

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