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March 17, 2015
EMR Adoption: Clinical Benefits Measured

Given the billions of dollars invested in electronic medical record (EMR) technologies, there’s little wonder a steady chorus of voices has risen seeking evidence to show the value of their investment. HIMSS Analytics and Healthgrades have collaborated, leveraging two of the industry’s largest sources of data related to the topic, to scientifically measure the clinical benefits of EMR adoption. The findings are significant.

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February 12, 2015
CRM: Cutting Edge Integration with the Web

Successful hospitals view CRM as a foundational solution that is integral to population health initiatives, and are approaching it strategically and managing it internally. Learn how to integrate best practices to illustrate the value of CRM, reduce internal silos, improve alignment with organizational strategies, gain CFO and CEO respect and increase marketing credibility by viewing this video cast, first presented at the Healthcare Internet Conference. Hear how health systems are integrating CRM with Web properties to build personalization for Web audience while elevating the dialogue from marketing campaigns to ROI and growth. Learn how to use CRM strategically as part of your evidence-based approach to marketing and begin an entirely new conversation with your C-suite.

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October 7, 2014
Healthgrades 2015 Quality Report Plus New Capabilities for Finding the Right Doctor

Until now, consumers and referring physicians haven’t had easy-to-understand information that would enable them to find the right doctor and hospital for their individual needs. Healthgrades conducted proprietary research to better understand what information physician and consumers value in making an informed choice. The result: ground-breaking new capabilities that will complement this Fall’s Healthgrades 2015 Report to the Nation announcement.

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September 25, 2014
Evidence-Based Decision Making: Building a Marketing Partnership with Physicians

To gain physician buy-in on current marketing communications strategies, the marketing department of Kresge Eye Institute implemented a CRM campaign, using the full power of their Healthgrades consumer marketing dashboard and leveraging this intelligence with physicians. Using an evidence-based approach, learn how aggregated data was analyzed and presented to a 30-member academic physician group to build support for the renewal of the campaign to expand its impact to full potential.

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September 3, 2014
Improving Quality Outcomes Using an Evidence-Based Approach

To provide high-quality and safe care for patients, all parts of a hospital staff must make a commitment to evaluating their practices and identifying opportunities for improvement. Cheryl and Jane will discuss how developing a formal plan with specific performance measures creates an evidence-based approach for ongoing evaluation and the development of valuable insights and data to support the hospital in implementing improvements to any and all aspects of care. By using datasets and analysis, this approach helps form consensus and achieve buy-in for such changes. Those who have not yet embraced a computerized approach to monitoring patients and analyzing patient data will be inspired to use new tools that are now available  and those that have embraced this technology may see new ways to use these tools to accelerate change.

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August 20, 2014
How to Use Data to Identify Opportunities and Avoid Missteps

At Johnson Memorial Health (JMH), the CRM system is a vital strategic and decision support tool, helping JMH identify opportunities as well as avoid pitfalls. Learn how CRM has helped JMH identify and execute marketing strategies and hear how JMH used CRM-based analysis to avoid a potentially expensive and unproductive move into robotic surgery.

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