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Developing relationships with your patients and physicians is key to successful health management.

Reach your target audience through data-driven communications with the right message, at the right time, using the right medium.


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Healthgrades Health Relationship Management solution combines our business intelligence, marketing and clinical communication platform to identify populations at risk, engage patients in meaningful dialogue across both digital and traditional channels, and manage communications between campaigns for maximum impact. Our integrated, actionable platform – which includes a hospital-specific database and a suite of planning, modeling, segmentation and communication management and measurement tools – helps hospitals convert insights about consumer and physician behaviors into opportunities.

Customer Relationship Management

Healthgrades Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution enables your hospital to identify and engage healthcare consumers by leveraging comprehensive patient and broader population datasets, advanced modeling techniques, and innovative communications methods.

We use our comprehensive CRM database and predictive modeling capabilities to guide campaign development, refine results and continually drive performance to new heights.

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In addition, the solution is integrated with a nationally recognized healthcare quality performance reporting and analytics engine that enables your hospital to identify and engage at-risk populations to help your hospital achieve key population health objectives, including driving preventive care, engaging patients proactively and managing costs to counterbalance new reimbursement levels.

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Healthgrades Evidence-based Predictive Models, which fuel all of our databases, outperform all others because they are highly targeted compared to traditional cluster codes. Our models are continually adapting with new data to help our clients identify the right patient, at the right time to engage them with the right message, using the right medium. Our predictive models include our Consumer Model that analyzes more than 70 different variables and our Patient Model that analyzes more than 300 variables to make data-driven predictions.

At Healthgrades, these insights power your communication strategies in order to optimize spending and maximize the ROI of every campaign. Whether it's direct mail, social media, print or email, Healthgrades will help you personalize the conversation and boost patient engagement.

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Marketing Automation for CRM Clients

Now more than ever, health systems need to make digital, web, and social media marketing simple and measurable. With Healthgrades Marketing Automation, you can post to multiple channels simultaneously, cross-promote your hospital’s content, and track your ROI.

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Want to know more? View our online Marketing Automation demo to see how to:


  • Increase the performance of digital, web, and social media marketing
  • Identify and target key market populations
  • Build campaigns from end to end
  • Measure a campaign’s impact on appointments, admissions and contribution margin
  • See the value of moving people in and out of campaigns over time to extend engagement
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HealthTools ™

For example, our online interactive personal health assessments, called HealthTools ™, are designed to engage current and potential patients, provide education and drive action to make better health choices. Click here to download a PDF of our HealthTools brochure (registration log in required).

You'll be able to identify who is at a certain health risk, and then, because HealthTools is tied directly into your CRM database, the information captured sets triggers for future campaigns and communications. For instance, a low-risk individual may receive a congratulations message with information about classes or education to stay healthy; or a high-risk individual may receive a stronger call to action to make an appointment, with a further personalized message, which is important for motivating behavior to take the right action.

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The power Healthgrades brings to identifying and communicating with individuals is unmatched by any other solution.

If we look at the actions you need to drive motivating behavior to make an appointment and/or take actions to continue to manage their health, each of these HealthTools has a role to play. Add them to your overall strategy to engage, educate, and drive the consumer to the resource you want the consumer to use.

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All campaigns are displayed on a web-based dashboard that provides simple visualization and navigation, allowing marketers, strategic analysts and executives to see and interact with relevant information in real time, so they can track and measure campaign performance and gain timely insights into untapped market opportunities.

Healthgrades Planning and Forecasting

This capability leverages the full power of the Healthgrades CRM database to deliver unprecedented market insight. Understand the future needs of patient care, forecast future opportunities with one-, three-, and five-year dashboards and evaluate build, buy, or partner strategies.

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Physician Relationship Management

In this rapidly evolving healthcare environment, strategic alignment with the right physicians has never been more critical. Whether your goals are to find physicians to acquire or employ, to develop a clinically integrated network or just to increase loyalty, Healthgrades Physician Relationship Management (PRM) optimizes the opportunity to have the most engaged and aligned physicians by delivering deep analytical insights for all the physicians in your market.

PRM enables your hospital to understand activity levels, splitter or loyalty behaviors, payer mixes, and referral patterns of your physicians in order to categorize, prioritize and focus your efforts on those physicians who matter most in achieving your strategic objectives.

PRM helps your hospital maximize your physician network by improving and tracking alignment through growth, acquisition and outreach strategies.

By harnessing your hospital data and market claims data along with Healthgrades consumer search data, which provides insight into consumer demand in your market by geography and specialty, PRM allows you to focus your physician strategies and outreach efforts on the right physicians to achieve your strategic objectives.

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Use Healthgrades Physician Relationship Management to:

  • Find physicians that represent the greatest opportunity for incremental volume
  • Understand their in patient and outpatient splitting behavior, their referring physician network and their payer mix
  • Estimate the volume and financial opportunity of your physician targets
  • Align with those physicians that optimize the appropriate utilization with your hospitals service for better managing your population’s health
  • Strategically segment physicians to identify which physicians to defend and protect, acquire and employ, grow and promote
Gaining loyalty of affiliated physicians to increase referrals
Challenge:A hospital must split admissions and encounters for a cardiovascular specialist practice with a local competitor, as they do not own their own network. They needed to find a way to establish a better relationship with this group to ultimately increase referrals to their hospital.

Solution: Healthgrades used an evidence-based approach to this problem. Healthgrades’ teams analyzed referral data in the hospital database to examine splitter behavior and identify specific physicians to target for improvement efforts via physician liaisons.

With Healthgrades, you'll understand your target physicians as never before. Through our predictive models, we offer insight into what motivates each physician for more impactful communications. By combining multichannel communications with deep analytic insight into the physicians in your market, your hospital can identify, reach, educate and measurably influence physicians, aligning them with your strategic goals. In addition, our Patient Direct Connect™ solution converts consumer searches on the Healthgrades website into appointments for your employed and affiliated physicians. Our PRM solution also allows you to share this information with your physicians, demonstrating to them your hospital or health system’s ability to grow their practices, building trust and credibility.

Using your desktop, smartphone or tablet, you can systematically document, track, and report on all physician outreach efforts and physician issues, allowing you to achieve consistent communications with physicians across all outreach functions. Resolve physician complaints quickly using our automated issue-resolution feature. Identify the areas of greatest physician concern so you can focus operational improvement efforts accordingly.

As with all Healthgrades solutions, measure the impact of every campaign to learn how effectively each communication reaches, educates and influences physician referral behavior and alignment.

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