Healthcare reform. Physician integration. Economic pressures. From managing your population's health to protecting your financial health, we're here to help your organization thrive while facing the challenges of healthcare reform.

From ACO to Meaningful Use, we've got a customized solution for your journey: smart business analytics. Our integrated data warehouse gives you a comprehensive view of your financial, physician and patient data so you'll have what you need to meet the challenges of reform head on.  

Your ACO data source 

We're building quality metrics right into the CPM Healthgrades database. At a glance, you'll be able to identify metrics, find gaps in care and compare your scores to national benchmarks.

Most importantly, the CPM Healthgrades system helps you translate quality outcomes into action through whip-smart intervention campaigns that help change health behaviors. Whether you’re reaching out to non-compliant patients to get them back in for chronic care treatment or keeping someone on a regular screening routine to prevent cancer, having the right data helps you create strategies to manage your population's health. 

Here’s how CPM Healthgrades' business analytics can help:

Bottom line? Your CRM database is more than a database. It's your pivotal tool in the ACO journey for your healthcare system. Request a demo with us to see how you can use your database for ACO insights.  Or, if you have questions about ACO, ask our experts. We're here to help you get accountable. 


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