call value calculator

When existing or potential patients call your hospital, they've chosen you. They're giving you the opportunity to develop a valuable relationship. But if the call goes unanswered or is mishandled, they may turn to your competitor. The missed opportunity to connect callers with the healthcare services they need may result in lost revenue to your hospital.

We’re excited to announce a new tool you can use to find the true value of callers to your hospital. Our Call Value Calculator shows you just how much a missed opportunity may cost.

Number of Beds In Your Hospital? (increments of 25 & max 3000)
Do You Currently Have A Call Center? Yes No
What Would You Like To Calculate By? Hospital Beds Call Volume
Type of Calls to Calculate? Referrals Only Referrals and Registrations
Expected Call Volumes
Expected Value of Calls in Total Charges
Expected Value of Calls in Contribution Margin
Expected Costs Based on CPM Analysis

When someone calls your call center, they have chosen you. Unanswered or mishandled calls result in missed opportunities. The Call Value Calculator helps you to see what these missed opportunities equate to. Contact us today so that these missed opportunities don't continue to pile up.