New Movers

Recruit new movers as patients through CPM Healthgrades' New Movers program. Since marketing to new prospects is far more difficult than marketing to existing patients, we have created a program that helps hospitals use an aggressive, targeted marketing approach. Our highly researched, unique program transforms your new movers’ communications into a strategic competitive advantage.

No CRM? No problem. Our New Movers program leverages our robust data warehouse to gather the most current information on new residents in your community.

CPM Healthgrades' New Movers Program Differentiators:

Segmented Communication

CPM Healthgrades' New Movers program leverages our proprietary Perceptual Profiles™ psychographic profiling system to help your hospital determine the most appropriate communication style for each targeted individual. Each new mover is unique and your messaging should reflect their individuality. By segmenting campaign recipients, you can customize your healthcare marketing outreach according to the vehicle, style, tone and offer that appeals to each person to maximize the effectiveness of your outreach.

Measure ROI

CPM Healthgrades makes it easy for hospital marketers to demonstrate campaign successes to hospital executives. If you are using our CRM system, we provide performance monitoring services that will accurately measure return on investment (ROI) for your new movers program, thanks to our scientific model for evaluating campaign effectiveness.

Multi-Media Integration

Our New Movers program factors in your marketing initiatives so you deliver a consistent message across multiple communication channels. With CPM Healthgrades' exclusive perceptual profiles, you’ll know what media formats your audience is most likely to respond to. In fact, many campaigns include various marketing campaign touch points, including direct mail, video, personalized Web URLs, social media and inbound or outbound calls.

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