Get your hospital marketing collateral printed on your time with CPM Healthgrades’ Web2Print online portal. This 24-7 service automates the print ordering process from CPM Healthgrades’ Print Services Center by allowing you to login and create your print jobs in minutes.

The intuitive, user-friendly portal allows you to fully process your print jobs from your computer, including uploading production files and lists, approving previews and tracking the status of your order.

CPM Healthgrades' Web2Print Differentiators:

CRM Integration

Web2Print is fully connected and ready to receive your CRM-driven print orders. In fact, our portal was specially designed to accommodate this data exchange easily. Once your order is submitted through the online portal, our Print Services Center reads the data provided by your database and automatically addresses each print piece to the intended recipient—no human intervention needed.

Quick Turn-Around, High Quality

CPM Healthgrades' capacity for high-production helps streamline print-flow and our ability to produce high-quality print jobs quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to our automated Web2Print portal and our specialized printers, we can accommodate most requests quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to save you time and money, while keeping the integrity of your hospital marketing collateral intact.

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